Genetic variants is one of the 9 variables in our health and longevity. The other 8 variables are environmental toxins, trauma, what you eat, what you drink, how you exercise, how you rest, what/how you breathe, and what you think. Gene variants can be either heterozygous (gene variant came from one parent) or homozygous (gene variant came from both parents). Homozygous gene variants tend to be more serious and have more potential for influencing negative health events. The vast majority of genetic variants are “actionable”, meaning that we can take an action such as increasing supplementation of a particular nutrient or exercise to negate the negative epigenetic expression of that gene.


WEIGHT MANAGEMENT GENETIC TESTING – Take the guesswork out of finding an effective diet and exercise solution by revealing the secret steps to achieve weight goals unlocked by your specific genetics. The test will determine whether a low fat, low carbohydrate, or balanced fat, protein, carbohydrate diet may be best for you, and whether you need mild to moderate or vigorous exercise to most efficiently lose existing body fat. The test provides new information way beyond traditional assessments to help understand the genetic factors that lead to weight gain, so that you can tailor your nutritional intake and fitness routine for improved, sustainable results.

NUTRITIONAL NEEDS GENETIC TESTING – Identify variations in your genes crucial to your B vitamin metabolism and the ability to manage oxidative stress. B vitamins are involved in every metabolic process in your body. Individuals that show suboptimal results for the genes can be at increased risk for ineffective utilization of B vitamins and potential for cell damage caused by oxidative stress, both of which can in some cases lead to increased risk for certain diseases and cancer.

HEART HEALTH GENETIC TESTING – Identify your genetic predisposition to heart attack based on inflammation. The genetic analysis identifies individuals with a lifelong tendency to produce certain chemicals in the body that lead to inflammation. Overproduction of these chemicals can start a chain reaction that ultimately may lead to a heart attack. Knowing your genetic risk will enable you to take specific actions to decrease your overall risk.

BONE HEALTH GENETIC TESTING – Identify whether you are more likely to be susceptible to spine fractures and low bone density associated with osteoporosis. Early intervention now can help prevent osteoporosis later. Preventative measures can reduce the risk of bone loss and fractures, which in the case of vertebral fractures may lead to a hunched appearance and permanent disabilities.

1000SNP TESTING – The most common genetic variant is called a SNP (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism). This comprehensivive test evaluates 1000 different SNPs in your genetics. This information can be used in an overall wellness plan to reduce your risks in specific areas such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, certain cancers, osteoporosis, and more.

The tests are easy to do, just rub the inside of each cheek with a brush that is provided for you. The test is very reasonable in cost, and provides you with invaluable information to protect your precious health. Call today 816-210-6913 in Missouri or 813-985-5190 in Florida  for an appointment to increase your health potential.! Test kits are available under Test Kit section of the website.