Exercise is one of the 9 variables in our health and longevity. We were designed for motion and movement. A human can run longer than any animal. Although there are several different opinions as to what is the best form of exercise, there is little controversy that most of us need more than we are currently getting. We were not designed to sit all day. Sitting increases pressure on our lower back joints by 400% greater than when standing. New scientific evidence demonstrates that sitting too much will decrease our longevity and quality of life as we age.

Type II diabetes and pre-diabetes are epidemic in our society. Exercise is the single best tool for regulating blood sugars. Blood sugar dysregulation and a lack of exercise are both factors for increased Alzheimer’s risk. Whether it is weight lifting or aerobic exercises such as walking, biking, or eliptical – JUST DO IT! – as the Nike commercial says. Think twice about spending miles and hours pounding your joints on concrete or pavement. The hip and knee joints were designed to last a lifetime. We like exercises like Yoga and Tai Chi for the aging population. They both encourage strength, flexibility, and balance in the aging population.


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