What/how you breathe is one of the 9 variables in our health and longevity. Most of us take our air quality for granted. We should not. Air pollution has a significant negative impact on our health and longevity. The following are some excerpts from Is Your Environment Stressing You Out? How to Pro-Actively Protect Yourself From Environmental Toxins by Kelly Miller DC NMD FASA FBAARM CFMP.

Researchers have found three primary ways in which air pollutants have a negative impact in our bodies. The first way air pollution in the form of fine particulates causes dysfunction is in autonomic nervous system imbalance with sympathetic dominance (fight/flight response).21,34 The autonomic nervous system is a regulator of cardiac functions as well as digestion and healing. This autonomic dysfunction of sympathetic dominance leads to a decreased heart rate variability. This means there is less variation in the time intervals between heart beats, a condition that is associated with increased cardiac mortality.34 Many people think that are heart rate be should be steady. The truth is the greater the amount of heart variability the better. See the examples below of sympathetic heart rate variability.

The second way environmental pollutants harm our bodies is they cause an overproduction of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, AKA free radicals.35-37As we inhale these tiny particles tremendous antioxidant stress is placed on the body exhausting glutathione and super oxide dismutase reserves.38 When we don’t have enough of these protective substances our livers cannot keep up with detoxification and our mitochondria are injured contributing to a range of chronic diseases from cancer to premature aging.35

The third way air pollution adversely affects us is that it increases body-wide inflammation. Research demonstrates that rising air pollution correlates to increased blood levels of inflammatory chemical messengers called cytokines.7 ………………….

Air pollutants are divided into two classes denoted by size. Fine particulates are high risk particles denoted by the sign PM2.5 are particles less than 2.5 microns in diameter. Larger particles known as the PM10 can travel through the bronchioles of the lungs to the alveloi and enter the bloodstream causing damage to the endothelium of the blood vessels and many other critical body functions.20-22 To put the size of these particles into a better perspective a human hair is about 70 microns in diameter.20

The chronic exposure of the air pollution takes a cumulative toll in the body’s defenses and is linked to the increasing incidence of many insidious diseases of recent history. Some of these include the following: Cardiovascular and chronic respiratory disease,3,4,7 glucose intolerance,5 premature births among asthmatic mother,6 ulcerative colitis16, kidney disease17, thyroid disease18, decreased heart rate variability23, impaired lung function24,26, lung and other cancers19,26,27, impaired cognitive function28, asthma exacerbation26, increase mortality30, and reduced life expectancy.31-36

The air pollution is responsible for loss of quality of life as well as loss of longevity. This exposure to toxic particles is associated with increased rates of cardiovascular and respiratory illness and death.3,4 New studies have demonstrated damage occurring to te blood vessels of individuals as young as age 23.7 According to researchers from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) air pollution is responsible for his many as 200,000 premature deaths each year at this United States.1

Air pollution becomes more concentrated inside our homes and offices often as much as by 400%. Although we cannot avoid all air pollution we can greatly reduce the amount by using NASA approved technologies like Active Pure in our home and office. I use the Active Pure air scrubbing systems in my home and office and take a mobile unit with me when I travel to place in the hotel room. This greatly improves the quality of the air by removing or greatly reducing the many contaminants negatively impacting our health.

See video below on how you can reduce your risks with this NASA -certified air purification technology.



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