Environmental toxins are major stressers in many people’s life….and they often don’t even know it. Some 80, 000 – 100, 000 new synthetic chemicals have been introduced into our world since WWII. The vast majority of these chemicals are not even monitored for toxicity levels in our food, water, or air sources.

The vast majority of doctors are not even considering that your complaints of pain, inflammation, digestive dysfunction, respiratory dysfunction, skin rash, chronic fatigue, cardio-vascular disease, diabetes II, obesity, or auto-immune disease are related to one or more environmental toxins.

Pure air, water, and food are fundamental to good health and longevity. Heavy metals body burden from mercury and aluminum are common in people from their air, food and water supplies. Petroleum bi-products, herbicides, pesticides, and even pharmaceutical medications have been found in municipality water supplies. Well water is susceptible as well. High counts of bacteria, virus, and especially mold are in many household’s re-circulated air supply. High levels of glyphosates (Round-up) are found in many GMO foods and in our bodies.

These environmental toxins can accumulate throughout our lifetime causing us to use up our anti-oxidants and micro-nutrients in an attempt to neutralize and chelate them from our bodies. When this happens our detoxification and immune systems become overwelmed and chronic dis-ease follows.

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