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Laser Therapy: Healing at the speed of light

Rapid Pain Relief

The laser light increases blood flow to damaged areas and accelerates the body’s natural repair process.

Ant-Inflammatory Action

The laser reduces swelling caused by bruising or inflammation of joints to give enhanced joint mobility and reduced pain.

Reduced Scar Tissue

The laser reduces the formation of scar tissue following damage from cuts, scratches, acne, or burns, and post –surgery.

Improved Nerve Function

Slow recovery of nerve function in damaged tissue can result in areas of reduced sensitivity and feeling, risking further injury. The laser speeds nerve repair to restore feeling to these numb or hypersensitive areas.

Faster Wound Healing

The laser accelerates the development of new cells for skin, muscles, blood vessels, bone, and nerves, reducing the time to return to healthy function and activities.

What can I expect from LASER TREATMENT?

Painless Relief

Some patients report a warming sensation or lightness in the are being treated as the circulation is improved and muscles relax. Other patients report no particular sensation during treatment.

No Side Effects

Laser therapy facilitates the natural healing responses of the body and does not add any biochemical, mechanical, or neurological stress to the healing process. The only “side effect” of laser therapy are the natural effects of healing: the return of function and mobility in damaged joints, muscles, and tendons, the return of more normal sensation in damaged nerves, and the reduction of pain. The only contra-indication is if you are taking a medication that restricts exposure to sunlight.

Fast Results

Some patients experience pain relief or increased mobility or improved strength or other symptom relief from the very first treatment, while others experience relief hours or days later, or even after subsequent treatments. The amount of pain and degree of injury, the length of time since the symptoms began, and the cause of symptoms all affect the speed of results. In other words, a significant tear in a muscle will take longer to heal than a mild to moderate strain in the muscles. Laser therapy tends to produce faster and more progressive relief than many alternative therapies.


What Is Laser Therapy?

Therapeutic medical lasers heal tissue ailments by introducing billions of photons of infra-red light deep into the tissues.

Human tissue naturally contains protein strands called chromophores which have the unique ability to absorb laser light therapy and transform it into chemical energy in the mitochondria (power plant of the cells). This chemical energy is used by the body to naturally accelerate the healing process of the body on acellular level. This results in an acceleration of pain and inflammation reduction and tissue repair.

Is Laser Therapy Safe?

Clinical studies show that laser therapy achieves excellent outcomes in wound healing, reduction of inflammation and side effect –free non-drug and non-invasive pain relief.

Laser therapy is painless, non-ablative, non-invasive, and does not cause trauma or damage to the treated tissues.

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

Therapeutic lasers work by supplying infra-red light energy deep into the tissues of the body This process is known as photobiostimulation. Normally, our skin keeps the infra-red light from the sun from penetrating into the body. However, the laser is able to pass this healing spectrum of light through the skin, activating the mitochondria ( power plant in the cells producing cellular energy) within the cells.

The process of phtobiostimulation in animal tissues is similar to the process of photosynthesis in plant cells, wherein plants are able to use sunlight, combined with water and nutrients from the soil for growth and repair. Just like plants need the right combination of nutrients from the soil for optimum growth and function, our bodies need specific nutrition to run the mitochondrial energy production and for specific tissue repair. Having optimum nutritional support for the mitochondria and tissues needing repair will greatly accelerate and optimize the results.

The laser loads light into the cells which facilitates energetic and biochemical interactions that promote and support pain relief, cell regeneration, collagen repair and new tissue formation. This process also reduces inflammation, improves blood flow, and accelerates healing. I general, the biostimulating effects of laser therapy are from its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-edematous effects.

Will My Range Of Motion Increase?

Yes, Often the range of motion will increase after the first treatment.

How Many Treatments Will Need To Be Administered?

The number of treatments varies based upon the severity, chronicity, and nutritional status of the condition. Generally, 6-10 treatments are needed in a treatment cycle to achieve best results.

Can The Laser Be Used over Metal Implants?


How Long Will The Relief Last?

Results vary with each patient. However, in our experience results last for 2-4 days after the first treatment. The period of improvement is cumulative and increases as more treatments are performed.

What is Laser Therapy Used For?

Laser therapy has photobiostimulation for relieving pain, resolving inflammation, and increasing the speed, quality, and tensile strength of tissue repair. It has also been shown to stimulate te immune system, resolve infection, and improve the function of damaged neurological tissue. Laser therapy is also effective in increasing collagen production, bone repair, reducing edema, increasing lymphatic drainage, and increasing production of capillary beds.

The following are conditions that have responded favorably with laser therapy:

  • Arthritis                                         
  • Bursitis
  • Cartilage tears
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Cervical/Neck pain
  • Contusions
  • Edema
  • Fascitis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Fractures
  • Golfer’s elbow
  • Hematomas
  • Inflammation
  • Ligament injury/tear
  • Low back pain
  • Muscles injuries/spasms
  • Myofasctits/Pain
  • Neuritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Pain Syndrome
  • Plantar fascitis
  • Disc injury
  • Radicular pain
  • Restricted ROM/stiffness
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • Shin Splints
  • Sports injuries
  • Sprains/strains
  • Tendon tears
  • Tendonitis
  • Tennis elbow
  • TMJ disorders
  • Trigger points
  • Whiplash

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