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We value our customers' experience at Health Restoration. Below are some client testimonials we wanted to share.

My chronic back pain and  the numbness and pain in my feet from neuropathy are 90% better. I couldn't feel my feet or walk more than a block before treatment.
Terry Z., Raytown, Missouri

I love woodworking. I had to give it up because of my back pain and the diabetic neuropathy in my feet. After treatment, I was able to return to my favorite hobby.
James K., Kansas City, Missouri

I developed neuropathy when I turned 55. The VA doctors thought it might be related to agent orange. I can feel my feet again.
RET. LT. Col. A.C. Leavenworth, Kansas

I had suffered nerve damage fifteen years ago from a gunshot. After 8 weeks of therapy, my legs feel 40% better. I can stay on my feet for 6-7hours now.
Danny H. , Kansas City, Missouri

I was an insulin dependent diabetic for 15 years. The last 6-7 years, my neuropathy really worsened. Now I have very little pain and most of the feeling has come back in my feet. My balance is better too! Amel D., North Kansas City, Missouri

 I had chemotherapy for breast cancer and developed neuropathy that did not go away.  I was given anti-depressants to sleep and pain medications for during the day, but I didn't like the way the medications made me feel. I love to travel and had problems when I went to Germany for vacation. I was having problems going up and down stairs. Now I can stand and walk as long as I want again.
Joan C., Fairway, Kansas

I had pain in numbness in my feet that was worsening for 18 months. I couldn't get around like I wanted to, and the pain was interfering with my sleep. Now, I can again.
Raymond S., Kansas City, Missouri

I was diagnosed with nerve damage after a lower back surgery. I was told I had neuropathy. The medications were not working anymore. After 6 weeks of treatment, I have very little pain and numbness anymore.
Bobbie B., Kansas City, Missouri.

I couldn't feel my foot or move my foot up and down following a knee replacement three years ago. I was told I needed another surgery. Then a few months ago, My fingers started going numb. I was told I needed neck surgery. Eight weeks later, my fingers and foot were not numb, and I could move my foot up and down again!
Fred C., Sedalia, Missouri.

I had been diagnosed with Neuropathy by a neurologist. He had no suggestions for me other than a monthly B12 injection. My feet felt like they were encased in thick rubber. The feeling started coming back in 3-4 weeks. After 8 weeks, I can feel the texture of sheets, concrete, and carpet again. My feet feel 90% better.
William G. Independence, Missouri.

I had back surgery and my feet were numb afterwards, the numbness got worse over the next two years. It got to where I could hardly go grocery shopping. Now I can walk again without hanging on to something! I will be 83 next birthday.
Roberta S., Liberty, Missouri

I had diabetic neuropathy and it got so bad I could hardly walk. I like to golf and fish with my grandson. I told my wife I wish I could get my left foot amputated. I can now walk distances again, golf and fish with my grandson, and My attitude and disposition have greatly improved! Bob S., Kansas City,  Missouri.

I was no longer able to stand for 15 minutes. I lived in a one bedroom apartment, and it would take me all day to clean it because of my back and the neuropathy in my feet. After treatment, I can even dance a little!
Rosie S. Kansas City, Missouri.

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