Here at Health Restoration, we have many different services to fit your specific needs. Whether you are experiencing chronic pain, balance problems, digestive dysfunction, hormone imbalance, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, brain fog, or just want to get healthier, we may have the answer.

To help all of our members, we offer the following services:

Corporate Wellness
We work with small and large corporations to implement strategies to help employees to be healthier and more productive. This is a win-win for both the employees and the employer because of reduced absenteeism due to illness, increased productivity while at work, improved working environment, and decreased overall health care costs. Our background as a Certified Industrial/Occupational Consultant from Northwestern Health Sciences University and work with with many self-insured companies provides insights to multiple outside-the-box solutions for companies struggling with ever-increasing  health care costs.

Wellness Care
There are so many things you can do to become healthier. Many people think that becoming healthier means salads for every meal and exercising daily. We recommend that you start slow. What is one thing that you are doing every day that you could switch out for something healthier? Could you stop drinking that can of soda for dinner and instead drink some purified water? Becoming healthier is all about making small changes and maintaining them until they are habit.

Corrective Exercises
Corrective exercises can help make any pain that you are experiencing go away and stay away. These exercises will strengthen and correct the irregularities of your body which may be causing your pain. Most of these exercises are able to be performed in the comfort of your own home. In addition to skeletal misalignment, muscles or connective tissues that are out of place can also cause pain. It is interesting to note that many of the abnormal postural changes seen in people are due to brain imbalances controlling balance and vesitbular functions vs. local tissue defects.

Hormone Assessments/Treatment
Testosterone levels in men have been dropping for the last 30 years in the US and Northern Europe. PMS is now prevalent in some 80-90% of women due to a progesterone deficiency. Menopause is occurring at younger ages in women. Many of the causes are from nutritional deficiencies, and environmental toxins such as EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) from cell phones and WI-FI, heavy metals like mercury and aluminum, pesticides like DDT and glyphosate, and BPAs from plastics. These hormonal deficiencies and imbalances adversely effect a wide variety of symptoms and conditions including loss of muscle tone, increased body fat, loss of libido, loss of energy, sleep problems, balance problems, and decreased brain function. Balancing the hormones helps restore improved function and enhances qualitative life and longevity. Dr. Miller’s first book in the Health Restoration series, 13 Secrets to Optimal Aging: How Your Hormone System Can Help You Achieve Qualitative Health and Longevity, discusses this in detail.

Micronutrient Needs Assessments/Treatment
What specific vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fatty acids you need can be determined through blood testing of intracellular micronutrient levels  and/or through organic acids urinalysis testing.  Each individual is unique and nutritional requirements will differ based on the 9 variables to your health – genetic variants, environmental toxins, trauma, what you eat, what you drink, how you exercise, how you rest, what/how you breathe, and what you think. Dr. Miller’s second book in the Health Restoration series, Micronutrient Testing: How to Find Out What Vitamins, Minerals, and Anti-Oxidants You Need discusses over 30 different common conditions that can be caused by nutritional deficiencies and what you need to correct them.

Environmental Body Burden Assessments/Treatment
ADHD, allergies, Autism spectrum, auto-immune disease, obesity, type II diabetes, and Alzheimer’s are increasing in epidemic proportions. What do all of these have in common ?…………………… environmental toxins. Every patient I have seen who has a chronic health problem had a significant body burden of one or more environmental toxins. Very few doctors assess environmental toxins as a potential cause of their patient’s condition. Most of these are occurring in the water and beverages we drink, air we breathe, and the food we eat. Identifying and eliminating environmental toxins is essential to long-term health and longevity. Dr. Miller’s third book in the Health Restoration series, Is Your Environment Stressing You Out? How to Pro-Actively Protect Yourself From Environmental Toxins, reveals what tests need to be done for certain conditions. Four case histories are included.

Brain/Cognitive Assessments/Treatment
ADHD, anxiety, Autism Spectrum, TBIs (traumatic brain injuries), PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), dementia, and Alzheimer’s have several things in common – nutritional, hormone, and neurotransmitter imbalances/deficiencies. We have several unique assessments and treatment tools that allow us to better understand and monitor protocols for the above brain-related conditions.

Sleep Improvement Assessments/Treatment
Some 60-70 million Americans have significant sleep problems. Deep sleep causing delta wave activity is critical to allow the brain to re-organize – taking short term memory to long-term memory, storing information bilaterally from small to large on one side and large to small on the opposite side, and cleaning the brain of metabolic waste. This is a common problem in the population. Whether you have trouble falling asleep or wake up frequently, or both, there is usually a non-drug, non-addicting solution  for you.

Balance Assessments
Balance problems often occur after a concussion from a sports related activity, vehicular crash, or a fall. Balance problems can occur after a virus infection as well. Balance problems come into play in the aging process due to a loss of feeling in the foot, loss of lower extremity strength, loss of vision and hearing, and postural changes. A thorough screening/exam is essential. If a balance problem exists, it can usually be helped by  one of of the many treatments we offer for balance therapy. Reducing fall risks in the aging population is a high priority for us.

Vascular Health Assessments
Cardiovascular disease will impact almost 40% of the population. We use a device called the MaxPulse to give us 4 different readings on the fitness of the cardiovascular system. For example, one of these readings, for arterial elasticity, is a great predictor of potential cardiovascular problems. Early detection and monitoring can help reduce cardiovascular risks. If a problem in this area is detected therapeutic natural nutraceuticals can be recommended that may very well help correct the arterial elasticity problem.

Heart Rate Variability Assessments
HRV, Heart rate variability, is a wonderful tool to monitor how well the nervous system is working.  HRV monitors what is known as the autonomic (automatic) nervous system which is divided into two parts – the sympathetic (fight/flight) and the parasympathetic (digestion and healing). In addition, HRV monitors the neuro-hormonal system. The more inefficient the autonomic nervous system is the more it will depend on the hormones to run the body. Conversely, the more efficient the autonomic system is working, the less it depends on the hormones. HRV can be used to monitor multiple lifestyle effects on the nervous system. If we can keep your nervous system consistently working more efficiently, you will experience a higher quality of functional aging.

These are some of the services that we provide here at Health Restoration. We love assisting others and helping them feel better again. No matter what your pain, injury, or chronic health challenge is, we will work with you to help  ensure that you are functioning better than you were before.

If you have any questions about the services that we provide our patients, contact us today at (816) 210-6913 in Missouri or (813) 985-5190 in Florida.