Retrain Your Brain with Dr. Kelly Miller

Amazon Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Health Coach, and Founder of Saving Your Brain Training Centers

*Licensed in Missouri in Chiropractic and Acupuncture. “Certified Health Coach” in Florida.

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Retrain Your Brain with Dr. Kelly Miller

Award-winning author of Saving Your Brain and Founder of the Saving Your Brain Therapy Centers.

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“Dr. Miller’s medical acumen is excellent and his human side is warm, generous.”  Dr. Paul Ling Tai, D.P.M. – Health Secrets USA

Saving Your Brain Centers

Discover the Saving Your
Brain Training Centers

offering advanced brain training programs

At our brain training centers, we care for members of all ages as we are recognized as having an expertise in the area of training the brain with advanced technology to correct brain imbalances. Our expertise in helping resolve chronic brain health problems that are not resolved by a single disciplinary approach is highly recognized. We primarily serve Greater Tampa Bay, Naples, and Kansas City Metropolitan Areas but have patients travel from all over the United States as well as from International destinations.

Dr. Kelly Miller in the Media

understanding the brain and how it functions

Dr. Kelly Miller is featured on BrainTap Business Journal with Dr. Patrick Porter, Founder of the Revolutionary System – Brain Tap. Listen to Dr. Miller discuss the important functions of the brain.

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cold laser therapy

LZ30 Laser Therapy

Buy the most advanced cold laser therapy tool

At our brain training centers, we care for members and offer the most powerful tools to help retrain the brain for faster recovery and positive results. The LZ30 is used for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness, minor arthritis pain, or muscle spasm and the temporary increase in local blood circulation; and the temporary relaxation of muscles. If you are a health professional, visit our to purchase. 

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What the Experts Say

“Dr Kelly Miller has trained with me in the classroom as well as personally in my clinic. I know he has the capability to get unprecedented results and there is not many clinicians who can get results like we do.”

dr. Kyle Daigle, DC

Owner, Ultimate Performance Chiro and Rehab

“Dr. Kelly Miller is one of my trusted friends and researchers…He and his system of health and healing are a blessing to the world. Keep up the great work Dr. Miller and Team the world needs you now more than ever”

Patrick k. Porter, Ph.D.

Founder & Inventor, BrainTap

“If you are interested in saving your brain, repairing your brain or preventing brain challenges in the future…Dr. Kelly Miller is the expert you must consult with. He is the go to expert for brain mapping, brain healing and brain balancing.“

Dr. Bob Hoffman, DC

Co-Founder, The Masters Circle Global

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*Kelly Millier, NMD is Licensed in Missouri in Chiropractic and Acupuncture. “Certified Health Coach” in Florida.