EMF Warnings for Your Brain

Are you worried about 5G technology and your brain? There is much evidence and research to support your concern.


Dr. Kelly Miller, NMD is the Amazon Best Seller Author of Saving Your Brain and Founder of 3 Saving Your Brain Training Centers in Florida and Kansas City. He is the Brain Expert and has dedicated over 40+ years in the research, study, and practice of integrative medicine. As the author of 7 health related books, his primary focus is to expose the dangers of the toxicity in the environment, food, and unhealthy habits in our lives today.

In his most popular book on Amazon, Dr. Miller dedicates a whole chapter to EMFs and Alzheimer’s to warn people about the dangers of digital devices on the brain.

“I believe this is only the tip of the iceberg on the potential negative effects of electrical and magnetic fields on the body and brain. As I delineated in my first book, 13 Secrets to Optimal Aging, in the chapter on melatonin, electrical fields like those found in an electrical blanket dramatically reduce melatonin levels. Melatonin is the most powerful anti-oxidant the body produces and has been demonstrated to prevent and reverse amyloid beta fibrils (involved in Alzheimer’s).”Dr. Kelly Miller, Chapter 14, Saving Your Brain

Tune in for this very important one hour presentation as Dr Miller explains how the Electro Magnetic Frequencies emitted from cell phones, and computers can affect the brain and is one of the many cause of Alzheimer’s Disease.

With the influx of 5G technology and our generations’ dependency on technology increasing, we need to pay attention now more than ever to control the usage and dependency of mobile phones and computers.

Not only does cell phones affect the brain, disturb sleep cycles, and increase anxiety levels, studies should that EMFs may contribute to the development Alzheimer’s Disease.

As a parent, EMFs have a larger impact on the growing brain of a child which will also be addressed along with solutions on how to limit the impact of EMFs on the brain and body.

Please share this important event with your friends, family and associates to raise awareness for the dangers of EMFs.

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